Portraits are a very personal and unique present that also create a lasting memory. 
There are three key ingredients for the perfect portrait. A talented artist, quality materials, and a great photo. Choosing a good photo and the right subject matter is the essential ingredient for creating a meaningful and memorable portrait.
Some things to consider when choosing your portrait photo:
Who is the portrait for and why?

Whether it's for your mum on mothers day, your  wedding anniversary, or your dad's 50th birthday or even just a special gift for yourself, chances are, if you are considering ordering a hand-painted custom portrait it's because you want to do something meaningful and unique to show your love and celebrate an important milestone or person in your life.

What matters most to the person receiving the portrait?

Now is the time to think about your photo choice, the colours you want in your painting and any other small, personal touches that you know are important to the the recipient.

What photo captures a special memory?

Special photos make portraits more special for everyone involved, from the artist, to the recipient, right through to the next generation of people who see it proudly displayed in your home.


Together we can work together to create the perfect portrait for your you or your loved one and create a  meaningful & personalised piece of art that will be treasured for many years to come.


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If you wish to place an order but would like to pay in installments please send us an email with the following information:

Your name

Contact phone and email address

Portrait size (see sizing information to the right of this page or more details in our shop)

Your photograph for the portrait

Any colours you want used on your artwork


Payment plan information:

ALL orders will incur a 15% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit upfront

Payments can be made weekly,fortnightly or monthly for 6-10 payments - please let us know when booking what your preference will be

Payments can be made via credit or debit card, paypal or bank deposit


Small Portraits
(one image only)
20cm x 30 Canvas 
Medium Portraits
(up to 3 images only)
50 x 76cm
Large Portraits
(up to 6 people)
60 x 90cm
Extra-Large Portraits
(up to 10 people)
76cm x 102cm
Some important information:
I only do portrait work of people, not animals
Canvas sizes may vary slightly, you will never receive a canvas smaller than what you pay for however you may receive one slightly bigger
Please do not arrange a frame for your canvas until you have confirmed its absolute size with us
The turnaround for portraits is 8-10 weeks due to my current workload
Your portrait is an original artwork that will not be reprinted and as such is priced this way. Each portrait involves alot of work and materials and unfortunately we are unable to negotiate on these prices and time frames 
All copyright remains with the artist, Garry Purchase, at all times. We reserve the right to share pictures of the artwork on all platforms, web and physical, however your artwork will not be reproduced in any way for financial gain. 
Any reproduction of these works for financial gain by the buyer is subject to royalties for the artist and is covered by Australia's strict copyright laws