Dream on Aboriginal Arts & Dream On By Garry Purchase are the product of a proud Australia Indigenous man, Gary Purchase, and his supportive family.  He tells the story of his culture, displays his love of the amazing and varied land and seascape, and his art embraces the concept of moving beyond reconciliation to acceptance of the people that make up our country.

He has recently expanded his artwork to create and locally produce greeting cards that use his original art work as the beautiful and uniquely Australian format. By supporting Dream On Aboriginal Art through the purchase of these greeting cards, you not only share your love of Australia, but also demonstrate your support of a local artist. 

Card packages can be offered for consignment.  Outright purchase in bulk will enable you to add your retail mark-up to the products. You can find our wholesale price list here

By supporting this award winning artist, you can support local business and promote the individual and unique style that is Australian Indigenous art. 

These cards also provide a unique way of reaching out to your staff, customers & suppliers.

To talk more about purchasing some of our cards for your business please email