Artist Talks

Garry Purchase is available for corporate or community group Artist Talks where he will give insight into his
journey to becoming a professional artist.


From being born to a drug addicted, unconscious mother and beginning his life in a Scarba House Orphanage Bondi to being adopted into his loving family and growing up in the seaside suburbs of East Sydney, working a mundane job on the wharves to giving away a stable job to try his hand in the art world..


Garry gives a frank, emotional and inspiring account of the events of his life that lead to where he is today..personally and professionally.

Garry will give in depth stories on some of his most popular artworks and what inspired him to create these pieces.

Artist talks run for approximately 1.5 hours and are held in corporate boardrooms, community centres and other spaces for a minimum of 10 people at $40 per person which includes refreshments and a small print of Garry's artwork.

Corporate Artist Tallks for larger groups can be arranged (these are charged at a group rate, not per person)

For more information on these talks or to book an Artist talk with Garry please email